For Suzanne Kosmas, the word “moderate” has a liberal definition. Kosmas, a freshman representative for Florida’s 24th District in the U.S. House of Representatives,  made campaign promises to vote from the center, yet she has voted the party-line 93% of the time. Kosmas’ voting record is one of the main reasons  her current approval rating on sits at 21%. As a result, the Republican primary race includes a diverse group of candidates vying for the District 24 seat. ran an article titled: In Florida, Republicans declare open season on freshman Dem Rep. Kosmas. In the article, John Dowless favored candidate Sandy Adams. The excerpt reads:

Orlando GOP consultant John Dowless said the fact that Adams holds Feeney’s former state House seat means she has a built-in geographical advantage. But he also said Hukill could probably claim that she would be a good general-election candidate since she could take some of the ticket-splitters in Daytona Beach-based Volusia County, where Kosmas is from.

I know that there are many people who think it might be premature for [Diebel] to go on the congressional scene just yet,” Dowless said. “If she can raise the money, I think she might have a [good chance]. I just don’t know that she has enough name ID.

National party operatives are counting on a strong second-quarter fundraising report to show exactly why they were high on Diebel. A source close to her campaign said she should approach $100,000 raised in the three weeks leading up to the second-quarter deadline.

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