SunRail needs to halt careless spending

When it comes to SunRail, Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell is right on the money (“Friendly Advice for SunRail’s boosters: Get real,” I, too, support commuter rail, but not at any cost and not with the continued wasteful spending I keep reading about.

I can’t tell you how disgusted I was when I read in December that the Central Florida Commuter Rail Commission spent more than $300,000 just to come up with a name and a logo. Does $300,000 sound excessive to anyone else?

Someone at the rail commission must have been embarrassed as well, evidenced by the timing of the release of that information — days before Christmas, when few were paying attention. A naming contest like the one Lynx conducted would have accomplished the same thing, involved the community and cost a lot less.

SunRail leaders need to stop the wasteful spending or their majority support is going to erode quickly into the minority.

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