Councilman John Dowless quoted in Central Florida News 13

Millennium Consulting CEO  John Dowless joined his colleagues on the Edgewood City Council to celebrate the city’s final payment on a police department building and a land purchase near  Edgewood City Hall.

Dowless was joined by Mayor Ray Bagshaw, Council members Judy Beardslee and Neal Powell and two dozen Edgewood city residents for the “mortgage-burning” ceremony. The crowd applauded at the announcement of Edgewood’s debt-free status and when the mortgage was burned. Dowless, who was elected to Edgewood City Council last March, told Central Florida News 13:

“In this day and age of massive debt, we are pretty proud of our little city for running a debt-free government,To say the least, that is not a common thing these days. In fact, many municipal bonds have been downgraded due to too much debt.”

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