As Suzanne Kosmas prepares for her re-election campaign, opponents  from the Republican Party are criticizing the self-proclaimed centrist’s  party-line voting. During the first the first nine months of her term, Suzanne Kosmas voting record revealed she voted with her party 93% of the time.

In the Orlando Sentinel’s story, New U.S. Rep. Kosmas tries to avoid liberal label, John Dowless said:

She’ll have to decide to vote her conscience, which is very left-leaning Democrat, or to moderate her vote

On, Kosmas’ approval rating is 10%, a disastrous figure for any incumbent, especially in central Florida, where many retired military and right-leaning independents reside. If  poll ratings aren’t enough cause for her adviser’s concern, her campaign spending/income ration should raise a red flag. Kosmas has spent $109,000 of her $605,000 in campaign contributions, with Republican candidate yet to be nominated.

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