politico-keller-articlePolitico.com quoted John Dowless in the article Long odds confront Keller in Orlando. Republican candidate Ric Keller faced Democrat Alan Grayson for Florida’s 8th district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Grayson’s campaign created anti-establishment ads filled with provocative and aggressive anti-establishment themes.

An excerpt from the Politico article reads:

His [Grayson’s] fight against war profiteering has been the central message of his campaign. One of Grayson’s primary ads showed him in an airport hangar with a briefcase containing $1 million to illustrate the cost of wasteful spending in Iraq. In the ad, Grayson says that he has fought corruption in Iraq and will “finish the job” if elected to Congress.

“He’s run great commercials,” said John Dowless, a Republican media consultant in Orlando. “They’re effective because he’s tapping into some frustration with the so-called establishment.”

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